The OOO Tatteploizolyatsiya (TTI) is an up-to-date factory for the production of polyurethane (PU) foam pre-insulated pipes and fittings with a diameter of 32-1220 mm in an outer protective shell of low-density polyethylene or galvanised steel (pipe-in-pipe system). The TTI is one of the four Russia’s largest producers of PU foam insulated pipes and shaped products. The production facilities are equipped with an advanced process line of the world's leading manufacturer of PU foam pipes production equipment, KWH Group (Finland). As of today, performance has been achieved for the production of more than 1,700 running metres of heat-insulated pipes per day and shaped products to them.


  • 32 Leskhozovskaya St., Stolbishche Village, Laishevsky District 422624, Tatarstan, Russia
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